No matter the platform – from screens and gadgets to IoT and physical world, I love to solve complex problems with design-thinking and deliver through storytelling. And bring excellent and meaningful products, services and experiences to life.

If not hacking, my process is usually something like this:

01 Research & Discovery
Developing an understanding of users. Analysing and defining their core values

02 Insights to Stories
Empathizing through stories – painpoints, emotions, thoughts and actions

03 Ideation
Generating a range of more or less foolish, crazy ideas on top of the values

04 Prototype and Test
Simple and inexpensive rapid prototype design to experiment and identify the best possible solution

05 Design and Iterate
Developing a design protoype that acts and feels like a real product together with interactions, interface, sounds and copywriting. Testing it with users and using the feedback to iterate again. And again.

06 Report
In the end there will be a report. Doesn't sound too interesting? Wrong. It could be anything – in the form of a story told through video for example. And this is only the start of a successful user and product/service journey.